Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What's Included in "Welfare?"

From Daniela, the following question:
I am trying to figure out what exactly do you include in your "welfare" section. Would you mind elaborating as to what is included in this section?
The simple answer is: Go to usgovernmentspending.com and turn on codes. It's one of the settings in the Units dropdown. Or click here.
When you select codes you can see the description of each code by hovering the mouse over the code.
But here are the codes used in the Welfare section, with their descriptions alongside so you don't have to go click here.  The numeric codes, e.g. "603", are federal;  the codes starting with a letter, e.g. "E77", are state and local.

Code Description
603Unemployment compensation
604Housing assistance
605Food and nutrition assistance
609Other income security
B22Federal Intergovernmental - Employment Security Administration
B50Federal Intergovernmental - Housing and Community Development
E22Current Operations - Social Insurance Administration
E50Current Operations - Housing and Community Development
E75Current Operations - Public Welfare, Vendor Payments for Other Purposes
E77Current Operations - Public Welfare Institutions
E79Current Operations - Public Welfare - Other
F22Construction - Social Insurance Administration
F50Construction - Housing and Community Development
F75Construction - Public Welfare, Vendor Payments for Other Purposes
F77Construction - Public Welfare Institutions
F79Construction - Public Welfare - Other
G22Other Capital Outlay - Social Insurance Administration
G50Other Capital Outlay - Housing and Community Development
G75Other Capital Outlay - Public Welfare, Vendor Payments for Other Purposes
G77Other Capital Outlay - Public Welfare Institutions
G79Other Capital Outlay - Public Welfare - Other
J67Assistance and Subsidies – Public Welfare, Federal Categorical Assistance Programs
J68Assistance and Subsidies – Public Welfare, Cash Assistance Programs – Other
Y05Unemployment Compensation - Benefit Payments
Y06Unemployment Compensation - Extended and Special Payments
Y14Workers Compensation - Benefit Payments
Y53Other In Trust - Benefit Payment
You can find out what's in the other usgovernmentspending.com categories by clicking here.


  1. I cannot get this to work. I cannot find the CODES in the UNITS drop down. Please help.


  2. thanks for description of coding. keep it up.

  3. really happy to see the description about various codes. thak you.

  4. You call unemployment benefits which are directly paid for by unemployment taxes WELFARE!? You destroy this site as a good reference with your warped agenda.

  5. The Federal government does dummy.

  6. You have critics: http://kugelmass.wordpress.com/2012/08/04/wait-a-second-thats-not-the-federal-budget/

    Is it true that 609 "other income security" is the earned Earned Income tax Credit?

  7. 1/26/2013 i signed up for welfare in ithaca ny[tompkins county]in the 1970's,was homeless and without food,houseing from 1969,when i left college untill 1980.... and still have money from us welfare[i signed up for free cash,healthcare[eyeglasses,dental,clinics]houseing and food stamps from the government.of late i'm haveing problems with people at the bank[confiscateing a 350.00 savings account for a credit card debt useing a law firm cohen and slamowitcz woodbury ny address]and other interests who claim to be supporting me,or who claim to have ' made me '....which i don't like,for some reason or another.the reat of the family are married [my 3 brothers..and their families] and work,raise kids and grankids. i'm the only one who didn't get married and enjoy being alone[people bother me....]kathleen a mchale geneva ny seneca lake