Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Federal Spending at the Agency Code Level

IF YOU DRILL down below the federal subfunction level you can see federal spending at the agency code level. This spending information is obtained from "Outlays", an Excel or CSV spreadsheet (4.5MB) in the Public Budget Database that contains federal spending numbers classified by department, bureau, and agency code for FY 1962 through the latest reported year, and also contains budgeted spending out five years into the future. There are about 4,000 line items at the agency code level.

The file of outlays at the agency code level can be downloaded from Budget of the United States Government in xls, csv, or zip format. Only spending line items in excess of $0.05 billion are displayed at usgovernmentspending.com.

Here's how to get the raw Outlays data in XLS or CSV format.

  1. Click on Budget of the United States Government.
  2. Click on link for selected fiscal year, e.g., "Fiscal Year 2019"
  3. Click on link for "Public Budget Database".
  4. Click on XLS or CSV link next to "Outlays" to download file.

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  1. Awesome investigatory work! KUDOS to you.


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