Saturday, December 12, 2009

Data Update Schedule

Here's a table that tells you when data was last updated, and when to expect fresh updates from

LAST UPDATED: 01/13/2020

MonData TypeLast Update + LinkNext Update
FebFederal Spending/Revenue Mar 2019FY20 BudgetFeb 2020 FY2021 Budget
FebForecast US GDP govinfo.govMar 20192019 ff Feb 2020CY20ff
MarActual US GDP Mar 2019 2018 GDPMar 2020CY19
MarFederal Revenue by State irs.govMay 2019FY18 dataMar 2020 FY19 data
MarAgency Debt Mar 2020 2019 dataMar 2021CY20
AprActual US GO Apr 2019 2018 GOApr 2020CY19
AprState Spending/Revenue May 2019FY17 dataApr 2020FY18 data
MayActual State GDP May 20192018 dataMay 20202019 data
MayMedicare Trustees Report cms.govMay 20192019 reportMay 20202020 report
MayOASDI Trustees Report ssa.govMay 20192019 reportMay 20202020 report
JuneCBO Long Term Outlook June 20192019 reportJuly 2020 2020 report
SeptState Quarterly Taxes Sep 2019FY18 dataSep 2020FY20 data
OctFederal Outlays, Receipts, Deficit treas.govOct 2019FY19 dataOct 2020FY20 data
NovState and Local Spending/Revenue Nov 2019FY17 dataNov 2020FY18 data
DecCMS Medicaid Dec 2019CY18 dataDec 2020CY19 data
DecUS, State Population Dec 20197/19 data Dec 20207/20 data


  1. In your next update, you should consider correcting the massive, glaring error in your revenue numbers. You quote them as billions, when in fact they are TRILLIONS, which is 1000 times as much.

    Your fallacious reporting makes the national debt look 1,000 times worse (as a percent of national income) than it really is. Typical conservative distortions.

    1. He lists it in the thousands of billions. If he listed it in the thousands of trillions then that would be a huge glaring error. Pay attention

  2. I think the biggest problem with your site is sometimes it tells too much -- I think you need something simpler like an idiot graph spending vs revenue and then you click on the pie to drill down. That would help with dummies like above.

    All the best Chris. You're doing a fantabulous job.

  3. Excellent site. A lot of great information. It would be great to provide a map from the CBO data to your data. The summary results are the same but the numbers underneath the summary end up in different places.

  4. Everyone which comments anything negative to this site is undoubtedly naive to what I see the purpose of this website (i.e. a simpler and correctly filtered data source) might be a few decimal points or columns in a wrong area (pending what one is trying to do) yet -- this is a great site and applaud Chris for do this.

    For what its worth -- I do not consider myself a republican or democrat but simple one who likes to see the facts as one never gets directly in advertised political figures. This site is great for that.

  5. I have just saved a snapshot of the direct revenues to the treasury so I can compare the estimated amount for 2011 to the actual amount when the numbers are available. My guess is that the actual will be far lower. I'm wondering - could you make it possible to create a chart with the estimated vs. actual for the last ten years? Just curious!


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