Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Medicare Part C Updated from 2018 Trustees Report has updated its estimate of Medicare Part C, the Medicare Advantage program using data in the Medicare Trustees Report of 2017 that was released June 5, 2018. You can see the results here.

The Budget of the United States Government reports Medicare outlays as a single line item, subfunction 571 in Historical Table 3.2, but shows a breakdown of the Medicare program into its constituent parts, as follows:
  1. Part A: Hospital Insurance
  2. Part B: Supplementary Medical Insurance
  3. Part C: Medicare Advantage
  4. Part D: SMI Drug Plan
These data are constructed from data in the Public Budget Database and Table IV.C2 in the Medicare Trustees Report 2018 which reports the payments made to private Medicare health plans and the projected payments in future years.

You can inspect the extracted data from Medicare Trustees Reports Table IV.C2 here. And see the blog entry that introduced the Medicare Part C breakout to here.

Here is a breakdown of Medicare budgeted outlays for 2020 before and after today's update.

Outlays in
percent GDP
Part APart BPart CPart DTotal
FY2020 before update0.910.781.000.373.00% GDP
FY2020 after update0.880.751.050.373.00% GDP

The update indicates a 5 percent increase in Medicare Part C over the previous estimate in the Medicare Trustees Report in 2017.

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