Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Medicare Breakdown

On May 12, 2013 we updated to show details of the federal Medicare program.

Historical Table 3.2, published each year in the Historical Tables section of the Budget of the United States, is the primary source we use for showing federal outlays down to the "subfunction" level.  Table 3.2 includes about 80 line items.  But Medicare appears as a single line item, subfunction 571.

The details of Medicare can be found in the Outlays table of the the Public Budget Database section of the budget and shows Medicare details on its Numbers page.  There you can find outlays for the three major parts of Medicare, the Part A Hospital Insurance (HI) program, the Part B Supplemental Medical Insurance (SMI) program, and the Part D Drug benefit when you drill down below the subfunction level. has now surfaced the Part A, Part B and Part D outlays up to the subfunction level by creating our own unofficial subfunctions for the Medicare program as follows:

572HI (Part A) Benefits
573HI (Part A) Administration
574HI (Part A) Premiums and Collections
575SMI (Part B) Benefits
576SMI (Part B) Administration
577SMI (Part B) Premiums and Collections
581SMI Drug (Part D) Benefits
582SMI Drug (Part D) Administration
583SMI Drug(Part D) Premiums and Collections

You can find the new detailed Medicare numbers on the Medicare Spending Details page here and the Medicare Spending by Year page here.  You can also look at the Entitlements History page here.

Reminder: The ten "subfunctions" 572 through 784 are not official US government subfunctions.

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  1. What is included in the Benefits lines in the budget? One would think that this would be payouts to healthcare providers like doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, etc. However, the Administration costs listed are less than 1% of the cost of benefits. I find that very hard to believe.

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