Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11 Updates: Full US Budget

On May 11, 2009, the US Government Printing Office published the full US budget for FY 2010, including the customary Historical Tables, the main data source for

We have now updated with the new FY10 data. This means that:

  • The home page charts and tables are now updated with the latest data on spending, deficits, and US federal debt using numbers from the FY10 budget.
  • The Numbers page, or "classic" home page, now shows detailed spending for all the great heads of federal expenditure using numbers from the FY10 budget.
  • The Budget page now shows updated charts of the first Obama budget.
  • Numbers for FY 2008 are now the actual numbers, replacing budgeted numbers, as reported in Table 3.2 of the Historical Tables.
  • Revenues at now include the latest FY10 numbers.

UPDATED: Final major task of the FY10 budget update is complete. The Outlays, about 4,000 line items from the Public Database outlays.csv, are now loaded up for FY10.

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