Thursday, March 3, 2011

Federal Budget Analyst Added

On February 12, 2011 we added Federal Budget Analyst to Just in time for the FY12 federal budget release, this feature allows the user to view spending and revenue estimates for out years for each subfunction in the federal budget and also to compare estimates vs. actual for a specific fiscal year in different budgets. Click here to access this feature.

Also, we have added the CBO Long Term Outlook for the federal budget as published by the Congressional Budget Office here.


  1. I was unable to access either link on this page.

  2. I have a dumb question. Is it possible to get from total 2010 government spending of $5,798Bn
    to the $3,000Bn counted in GDP? Is it simply $2,798Bn of transfer payments?

  3. Yes. Government transfer payments are included in "Personal consumption expenditures" in the US GDP. See BEA's GDP tables here.


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